Sing for JUSTICE in Chicago

Are you looking for a more effective way to make your voice heard?

Are you tired of screaming into the social media void?

Join Justice Choir Chicago to leverage your privilege into action. Use your voice for good.

We further social and environmental justice movements by engaging communities in singing together. Through our annual concert series and various mobile advocacy events, we aim to amplify local voices building justice and dismantling systems of oppression.

Our innovating programming features community partnerships with local justice organizations making Chicago a beacon of social entrepreneurship. Our concerts educate and entertain our audiences. Our post-concert receptions connect our audience with opportunities for action through our partner organizations.

Get involved with Justice Choir Chicago today.

Sing with us.

Volunteer with us.

Lead with us.

Partner with us.


Our volunteer leadership team is instrumental to our success! If you are interested in joining our leadership team, please apply here. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at

Provides artistic oversight and leadership for organization

Programs music and order-of-events for concerts

Plans and leads weekly rehearsals and concerts

Leads additional performances as needed

Empowers others to musical leadership as necessary

Identifies community partners for annual concert series

Organizes guest artists for concerts (ex. spoken word artist, guest chorus, guest speaker)

Communicates with community partners and guest artists concerning all aspects of their roles in performances

Invites and organizes additional organizations to table in post-concert reception

Innovates on how to boost effectiveness of concert partnerships

Copy of Leadership - Mobile Advocacy Organizer.png

Reviews requests for Justice Choir Chicago’s presence at mobile advocacy events

Arranges for leadership and instrumentalists as needed (or leads/plays themself)

Creates plans for accepted mobile advocacy events and communicates details to singers

Serves as point-of-contact for external event organizers

Manages contact list and singer roster

Collects contact information and media release form for new singers

Distributes and maintains singer material (handouts, music)

Manages chorus email account - screening incoming messages and distributing information to the proper contacts

Provides immediate support for leadership team

Engages in long-term strategic planning for Justice Choir Chicago

Reviews and revises practices to improve organizational effectiveness

Develops and implements fundraising ideas

Takes a leadership role in advertisement sales, utilizing the chorus in this task

Oversees and/or delegates the development of additional resources (ex. recommended concert music list, recommended partner list, mission/vision/values statements, creation of promotional materials, website and social media presence, etc.)


Seeking Committee Members

Justice Choir Chicago is seeking TWO more members for our steering committee to guide us through our first year. 

Join experienced professionals from the philanthropic, public, and for-profit sectors to develop an aggressively welcoming musical community building justice and dismantling systems of oppression through community partnership and innovative performance. 

Learn more at

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